Episode 87: Movies that broke us

The geeks get to wax nostalgic on the latest episode of Geeks with Kids. Join Steve, Erik, and the two Michaels as they relieve childhood traumas while discussing movies that broke them.

Episode 83: Ready Podcast One

Jump into the land of nostalgia with Erik, Steve and Mike as they discuss Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One.”

Episode 40: FanExpo 2016

The Geeks are joined by guest host James as they recount their adventures at FanExpo 2016. Did FanExpo meet their expectations? Did they spend every hard earned dollar that they have? Find out with GeeksWithKids.ca  Available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and ShoutEngine.

How to raise a proud nerd

The other day when I was playing with the little one in our living room, I had an inkling that I was raising a proper little geek when she moved from playing with her lightsaber (with appropriate sounds) to reading books to playing with a calculator.  There are literally hundreds of articles online about how to…