Silver Surfer Lands in NY

Dude, I got a ton of silver and gray paint left over from my Megatron cosplay project.  I wonder what I could do with it?  Hmm.  My longboard also needs  an upgrade.  I GOT IT!

NYCC: Marvel & Netflix’s “Iron Fist” first trailer

Following the panel at New York Comic Con, Netflix and Marvel released the first trailer for “Iron Fist.” Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) stars as Danny Rand, the fourth of the Defenders. Presumed dead in a plane crash years earlier, the billionaire heir resurfaces in New York with the ability to call upon the power…

NYCC: “Saban’s Power Rangers” teaser trailer

Over the weekend at New York Comic Con, Lionsgate released the teaser trailer for “Saban’s Power Rangers.” The reboot of the famed television show follows five high school kids who must rise to challenge when the world is threatened by the alien Rita Repulsa.

New convention marks Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary

This year, one of the biggest icons of pop culture is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary… and it’s celebrating in style.  Star Trek, who not only has a new TV show coming but also a new film this year, will be getting a new, massive three-day convention in New York.