Episode 67: The Power Ranger vs Bullying

Join Erik, Mallory and a returning Stu as they look at the new Power Rangers movie and talk about the effects of bullying. Did Erik enjoy the film? What exactly does the Power Rangers have to do with bullying? 

“Power Rangers” tease Green Ranger

“Saban’s Power Rangers” just hit theatres today and Lionsgate has already teased a popular character for the possible sequel – the Green Ranger.

Twitch to stream 23 seasons of “Power Rangers”

Hey what are you doing next week?  Oh nothing, just watching 23 SEASONS OF “POWER RANGERS” online! Yes you heard me right. Starting March 14, Twitch is streaming every episode of “Power Rangers” in a massive 16-day marathon, in honour of its upcoming live-action movie.

“Power Rangers” gets a final trailer

Lionsgate has release the final trailer for the upcoming big-screen reboot of the 90’s classic that I am more excited for than I should be, “Power Rangers”.

NYCC: “Saban’s Power Rangers” teaser trailer

Over the weekend at New York Comic Con, Lionsgate released the teaser trailer for “Saban’s Power Rangers.” The reboot of the famed television show follows five high school kids who must rise to challenge when the world is threatened by the alien Rita Repulsa.