131 – The Geeks vs Hawk’s Top 10 TV Series of the 2010s

In 2013, filmmaker Stephen Soderbergh was quoted as saying “In terms of cultural real estate, TV has really taken control of the conversation that used to be the reserve of movies. It’s sort of a second golden age of television, which is great for the viewers. … If you like your stories to go narrow…

The Lucasfilm Story Group talks “Rogue One” Easter eggs

Thought you caught all of the Easter eggs in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”? Think again. Three members of the Lucasfilm Story Group stopped by “The Star Wars Show” to talk about the well-know, as well as some of the more obscure, Easter eggs in the film.

The story so-far: Star Wars Rebels

Are you excited for “Star Wars Rebels” as we are?  If not, you should be! If you are and your memory is a little rusty, check out this video that recaps the last couple seasons.

Star Wars Rebels – Enter Thrawn

Do you hear that?  It’s as if a million geeks suddenly squee’d in delight… and that would be because Star Wars has released a new “Star Wars Rebels” trailer, this one focused on fan-favourite Grand Admiral Thrawn.