Klingons Cast for Discovery

More and more casting details for Star Trek: Discovery keep coming.  It was announced that the new additions to the growing ensemble are set to play Klingons!

Yeoh, Jones, Rapp Join “Star Trek: Discovery”

CBS has finally officially announced the first three cast members of “Star Trek: Discovery”. Michelle Yeoh, who was previously linked to the project last week, will be joined by Doug Jones (“Pan’s Labyrinth”) and Anthony Rapp (“Rent”).

Episode 51: GWK with a Side of DRD

This week, join geeks Szpirs and Aaron, as they welcome back special guests, Kristi and Marc from Dance Robot Dance!  Listen in as Marc and Kristi face off against Szpirs’ Geek Compass test and discuss the debacle that is Hamilton-Gate!  Will the Geeks steal any more DRD material and jokes?  Is Star Trek Generations really…

Top Ten Tuesday: Teams that need a second chance!

With the announcement that Young Justice is getting a third season, the Geeks with Kids wondered what other teams need to get the band back together for one last kick at the can? Today, we will highlight the groups that were cut short in their prime;  cancelled too soon due to poor ratings; given up on because they grew old in the…

Episode 41: Geeks vs New Landos, The Geek Compass, and Alan Moore (sort of)

Join Geeks Szpirs and James in welcoming Brenna, our newest Lando. We consider the timeless questions of Geekdom and discover James’ mysterious connection to Suicide Squad. Calvin and Hobbes spin-offs, AMC loving doges, post-apocalyptic retro-gaming, smokin’ hot Vulcans, and exploring the depths of the Whedonverse are all on this week’s