Wanna hear Tom Cruise grunt at “The Mummy”

So IMAX messed up are released a trailer for “The Mummy” without the final audio mix.  Unfortunate for them, awesome for us who want to watch a video of people grunting.  It’s funnier than it souds.

Episode 53: Invasion of the Sidekick Bottle Episode! (Sort of…)

This week, Geek Marty steps up as host with his sidekick, James, and late fill in, Aaron, as they discuss their favourite sidekicks, and the new trailers for the Mummy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  What did they think of these trailers?  Who has a soft spot for Robin as a sidekick?  Is…

Teaser: “The Mummy” reboot

Universal Pictures has just released the first teaser for its upcoming reboot of “The Mummy” franchise along with the official poster.  The full trailer will be released this coming Sunday.