Gord Downie’s solo project “Secret Path”

“Tragically Hip” frontman and unofficial Canadian poet laureate Gord Downie recently announced some new work coming out soon. As many of you know, Gord Downie has been very active in bringing awareness to the plights that Canada has put its First Nations people, especially in its use of Residential Schools. “Secret Path” is a project which was…

How to dance like Gord Downie

Continuing our week of Tragically Hip love, I thought I’d share this amazing image I saw floating on the internet again.  Artist Markus Wreland was tasked by the CBC in 2013 to create an infographic of The Tragically Hip’s frontman Gord Downie’s dance moves and hot damn, it’s fantastic.

#ThrowbackThursday: On the Hip

Hey there GWK fans, The Geeks here are starting a new Thursday tradition… the ol’ #ThrowbackThursday. Normally we’d just post a funny video, an animated gif, or something of that sort, but since we’re celebrating the Tragically Hip on the road to Kingston I thought we’d write about them.

That Night in Toronto

I first started writing this just moments after getting on the subway after the Tragically Hip played their last show at the Air Canada Centre on August 14th (so please excuse the writing because I was full of adrenaline and emotions). The subway car I was on was full of Hip fans and you’d think that…

New and Exciting Things

Hey there GWK fans, Things have been a little quiet on the GWK front but we’re here to let you know that new and exciting things are afoot.