Episode 60: Geeks LX vs. Superbowl LI

Join Geeks Aaron, Mark and an exhausted Erik, as they discuss some “sportsball-thing” called the Superbowl, complain about the Trump, and ponder what a superhero baseball team might look like.  

Episode 58: Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Join us this week as Geek Aaron returns, with his guest host, and soon to be geek with kids, Mark. Listen in as the dynamic duo discusses the new Logan red-band trailer, which Marvel heroes would make awesome dads and their pitch for a reboot of Three Men and a Baby, Marvel styles!

The CW to reboot “Charmed”

The CW is looking to reboot the 1990s cult classic “Charmed” with “Jane the Virgin” showrunner Jennie Snyder. The reboot has received a script commitment by the network.

Christmas Movie Favourites: Die Hard

It’s that time of year when we curl up by the fire, grab a warm drink, and flip on the TV to watch some Christmas movie favourites that make us feel all so warm and fuzzy inside.  So here are some things to get you geared up for the greatest holiday movie of all time:…

Klingons Cast for Discovery

More and more casting details for Star Trek: Discovery keep coming.  It was announced that the new additions to the growing ensemble are set to play Klingons!

Woo-Ooh! DuckTales set to relaunch!

Gummi Bears.  Darkwing Duck. Tailspin. The list of classic Disney TV shows from the 90s goes on and on. If you grew up in this era, chances are you are familiar with at least one of these shows.  Well get ready, everyone.  Your childhood is about to take a u-turn from the past, into the…