VOTD: “Logan” VFX reel

Rising Sun Pictures have released the visual effects reel for their work on James Mangold’s “Logan”.

VOTD: The Fine Bros make us feel old

This week the Fine Brother over at YouTube released two videos that made us geeks feel really old – the first celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Macarena and the second has teenagers reacting to 90’s music.  Good lord.

#VOTD – “Stranger Things” star in Godspell

As if the world wasn’t in love with Gaten Matarazzo (who plays Dustin Henderson) on “Stranger Things” enough,  the geeks here totally just realized that he played Jesus in “the Cast of Godspell 2032.”  This is a real thing people.

VOTD: Kevin Smith’s awesome daddy-daughter moment

Geek with kid and fan-favourite Kevin Smith took a few moments to talk to Yahoo about his most recent film, “Yoga Hosers,” which was released in theatres Sept. 2.  Along with his daughter and “Yoga Hosers” star Harley Quinn Smith, Yahoo was hoping for a series of questions but instead they got a sweet daddy-daughter…