131 – The Geeks vs Hawk’s Top 10 TV Series of the 2010s

In 2013, filmmaker Stephen Soderbergh was quoted as saying “In terms of cultural real estate, TV has really taken control of the conversation that used to be the reserve of movies. It’s sort of a second golden age of television, which is great for the viewers. … If you like your stories to go narrow…

2017 Golden Globe Nominations

This morning from the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the nominations for the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

You Can Now Listen to the “Westworld” Soundtrack

When HBO released “Westworld” at the beginning of November, fans of the show were quick to fanboy (or fangirl) over the music by Ramin Djawdi and with good cause. Featuring original music as well as player-piano version of popular songs, the soundtrack quickly became a fan-favourite. Now, a full album of songs from the show…

Westworld in 2018? But I want it now!

It’s been about a day for me since watching the Westworld finale.  It sure did deliver on filling in the gaps and tying up the loose ends.  Didn’t quite like the exposition elements to explain the mysteries away.  None the less, it was still a loaded episode.  But it looks like we’re going to have…

HBO “Westworld” featurette talks about Arnold

The penultimate episode of HBO’s “Westworld” aired Sunday night and it finally answered a major question that it has been teasing since the beginning – who exactly is Arnold? Needless to say, major spoilers below

Trailer: “Westworld” Season 1 finale

HBO has released the trailer for the first season finale of “Westworld” which is set titled “The Bicameral Mind”. The episode, directed by Jonathan Nolan, is set to screen on December 4th.

Play me a song Robot Piano Man; Westworld Player Piano Covers

Westworld is kicking butt and taking names.  One reason, outside of the great acting, the long-game narrative, and the amazing visuals and setting of the story is the killer sound track of modern music, covered by Ramin Djawadi, saloon-player-piano styles.  Let’s just say, to quote an ancient Klingon proverb, you haven’t truly experienced Radiohead, until you…

“Westworld” TV spot and featurette

HBO has released a new promo TV spot and featurette for their highly anticipated “Westworld” series.  October 2nd can’t get here fast enough!