Episode 91: SDCC Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 had so many announcements that we’re back for a second episode. Join the two Michaels, Steve, and Erik as they talk about the announcements they missed the first time around.

Episode 57: Geeks vs The Nintendo Switch

The Geeks are back for year 3 and they’re trying new things. Join Erik, Craig, Danielle and Mike as they discuss the Nintendo Switch January presentation.  Did I saw discuss?  I meant they’re doing a video commentary.  

VOTD: The Fine Bros make us feel old

This week the Fine Brother over at YouTube released two videos that made us geeks feel really old – the first celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Macarena and the second has teenagers reacting to 90’s music.  Good lord.

Generations react to the 2016 USA election

The folks over at Fine Bros Entertainment decided to have all of their shows – Kids, Teens, Adults and Elders – react to the current 2016 USA elections to possibly show some insight from each generation.  Check it out below.

#VOTD – The Marvel symphonic universe

A number of episodes ago, the geeks here are GWK talked about how unmemorable the movie scores were for the Marvel movie universe.  Maybe we didn’t say unmemorable… maybe unhummable.  Anyways, the amazing YouTube channel “Every Frame a Painting” recently posted a couple videos on this exact topic.